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Moule industriel

Rubber extrusion

Extrusion is a manufacturing process by which a compressed thermo mechanical material is forced through a die which has the profile of the desired piece. Forming a continuous long product (tube, pipe, sheet, film). Production rates are high.

Pièces moulées en caoutchouc

Rubber molding

Compression molding consists of placing a pre cut piece of rubber mixture in a two-part mold. The two parts are closed and once the pressure is applied, it forces the rubber to conform to the shape of the mold, thus providing a piece of compression-molded rubber.

recouvrement d’intérieur de conduites

Tank lining

The rubber sheet layer provides unsurpassed protection for your metal parts as they contact with harsh environments. Rubber parts in the raw state are cut to follow the profile of the piece to be covered. The autoclave vulcanization lets you complete the accession process for a perfect blend of rubber seals, thus ensuring tightness.